Tuesday 3 September 2013

New person joins international management team

Mr. Heng Song Lim has joined the international sales management team for AMICRA Microtechnologies' state-of-the-art portfolio of die bonders, flip-chip bonder systems, dispense and test systems, wafer Inking and other advanced technology solutions and services.

Heng Song Lim brings his proven global business acumen in the electronics industry to his new position at AMICRA. Prior to joining AMICRA, he served as Asia Pacific Business Manager for Nordson March Plasma System Inc., marketing advanced plasma equipment for die and wire bonding for semiconductor assembly. Before that, he worked for eight years as Sales and Marketing Manager at Shinkawa Singapore Private Ltd., and for nine years at ESEC (Asia Pacific) Private Ltd, where he rose from Sales and Marketing Engineer to Manager.

In addition to his broad-based professional experience, Heng Song Lim has an impressive educational background, with an MBA degree from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology/Singapore Institute of Management University. He holds a bachelor degree in business administration, a graduate diploma in marketing management and in management studies, plus an NTC-2 degree in electronic engineering from Singapore Technical Institute. "We are very pleased to welcome Heng Song Lim to our successful international management team," said Johann Weinhändler, Managing Director of AMICRA. "We are looking forward to a long-term fruitful relationship."

With the strategic management and leadership of Dr Johann Weinhaendler, Horst Lapsien and Rudolf Kaiser, and the dedicated team of highly experienced technical and manufacturing professionals, AMICRA has amassed more than 15 years of know-how in advanced micro-assembly solutions for the semiconductor back-end applications, fiber optics, LEDs, optical sensor and opto-electronics, and MEMS manufacturing.

AMICRA's state-of-the-art die bonder is the AFCPlus, a die bonder and flip-chip bonder that offers exceptional precision and extremely high placement accuracy. AFCPlus is designed for ultra-high-precision bonding at an accuracy of +0.5 µm at 3 Sigma. New to the AMICRA portfolio is the NOVAPlus die bonder and flip-chip bonder system, a dual-head die bonder / flip-chip bonder, which offers high precision bonding (+2.5 μm at 3 Sigma) and high speed (<3 2013="" a="" also="" and="" are="" at="" both="" events.="" exhibiting="" francisco="" href="http://www.semicontaiwan.org/en/" in="" industry="" leading="" other="" presented="" recent="" san="" sec="" semicon="" systems="" target="_blank" the="" they="" were="" west="">Semicon Taiwan 2013
in Booth 1024 (4-6/9/2013).

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