Tuesday 24 September 2013

Double win for industrial automation partners

SolutionsPT and NeoDyne rewarded by ACP

SolutionsPT and its system integrator partner, NeoDyne, have both been honoured by industry giant, Automation Control Products (ACP)

SolutionsPT, based in Cheadle (GB), has been named as ACP’s International Partner of the Year and NeoDyne, of Cork (IRL), has received the International Integrator of the Year award. 
Rob Dinsmore, SolutionsPT; Martin Farrell, NeoDyne; Matt Crandell and Keith Jones, ACP.
Rob Dinsmore, Product Manager, accepted the award on behalf of SolutionsPT at the ACP annual global conference, Thindustrial13, in Atlanta, USA. It was given in recognition of SolutionsPT being more successful than any other distributor outside the United States.

Rob Dinsmore, and Matt Crandell.
He said: “It is great to see that all our hard work over the last 12 months has paid off and to be recognised by a major industry player such as ACP is a real honour.

“ACP is a forward thinking company and we are proud to distribute its products and encourage the growth of thin client architecture in the industrial automation industries in the United Kingdom and Ireland. It’s also great to be recognised alongside NeoDyne who we work with very closely.”

NeoDyne’s coveted award is in recognition of two of its major client wins in the food and beverage sector, for which SolutionsPT has provided both the ACP software and the Thin Client hardware.”

Martin Farrell, Automation Director of NeoDyne, added: “NeoDyne identified that the widespread adoption of virtualisation for industrial automation platforms created a demand for matching strength terminal server solutions. Working with SolutionsPT, we have used ACP as a differentiator when we offer these solutions to our customers. As a systems integrator, we have found that ACP has simplified thin client hardware installation and commissioning and has enabled our customer’s automation engineers to support the systems going forward without the need for assistance from IT.  We believe that this has helped grow our client base and ultimately why we have won this award.”

ACP is manufacturer of ThinManager, the thin client and terminal services management system.

Says ACP CEO Matt Crandell, presenting the award, “ACP’s International business is growing at an exceptional rate in part due to the abilities and integrity of our ecosystem partners.  NeoDyne is an exemplary example of such a partner. In 2012 NeoDyne was awarded, and successfully implemented two installations of ThinManager with two new customers in the food & beverage industry”.

He added: “SolutionsPT is also a great example of such a distributor. They truly understand the value our products offer which has certainly helped to drive growth in the UK and Ireland.”

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