Wednesday 25 September 2013

Keeping IT out of harm’s way!

Rittal’s new Micro Data Centre Level E provides IT infrastructure with reliable and flexible protection. The security safe is fully compatible with Rittal’s TS IT rack and effectively shields servers from physical threats. The Micro Data Centre can be upgraded, using a variety of accessories to create an extremely tough resistance class 4 security room.

An additional feature is the cable inlets in the side panels. If required, these can be provided with larger-than-standard diameter plastic tubing. This is recom-mended for water inlet and return flow, for example, when using climate control devices with Rittal Liquid Cooling Packages (LCP). Cable entry holes are easily sealed, and additional cables can be inserted at a later date.
Rittal’s Micro Data Centre Level E is available as an end-to-end solution, including 482.6 mm (19”) server racks and a variety of climate control devices. Up to four safes can be connected via the cable inlets in the side panels. It is also possible to use existing server racks with the Micro Data Centre Level E.

Options and extras are modular and freely combinable. There is a wide choice of add-ons, such as the Rittal Computer Multi Control III (CMC III) monitoring system and a variety of climate control solutions, including Rittal LCP. Also available is the DET-AC Plus fire detection and extinguishing system, the intelligent Power Distribu-tion Unit (PDU) and the Power System Module (PSM). A range of locking mechanisms are also available.

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