Friday 9 March 2012

Gas sensors boost indoor environmental quality

Gascard® NG OEM infrared gas sensors from Edinburgh Sensors are ideally suited for applications involving the control of indoor environmental quality (IEQ) in commercial, institutional and laboratory buildings. Accurate control of critical indoor environmental parameters such as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide levels are not only essential for the well-being and comfort of building occupants, but also have a major impact on energy efficiency.

Using Edinburgh Sensors’ proprietary dual-wavelength infrared sensor technology, the pumped aspiration Gascard® NG sensor provides the high quality, long term stability, excellent repeatability and reliable measurement of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide gas concentrations needed for IEQ applications. Automatic temperature and pressure corrections provide true concentration readings and ensure accurate real-time environmental condition measurements.

With true RS232 communications for control and data logging, along with the option of TCP/iP communications protocol, the Gascard® NG can be easily integrated into a wide range of proprietary gas detection systems and multiple sensor architectures. There are also built-in features for multigas and multi-sensor operation together with the flexibility to incorporate additional gas detection technologies.
Product performance, combined with Edinburgh Sensors’ commitment to customer support and to meeting the needs of the market has seen Gascard® sensors incorporated into IEQ systems installed in many prestigious buildings around the world. This helps to provide a healthy and productive indoor environment while decreasing energy costs.

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