Tuesday 20 March 2012

Quality sensing solutions!

If you are involved in water purification or waste water treatment, then KROHNE may well be your perfect partners with their leading edge range of products, which encompass the OPTISENS range of analytical instruments, MAC 100 Converter, as well as the WATERFLUX 3070 flowmeter.

Martin Adams, Analytical Sales Manager –KROHNE UK commented, “KROHNE ranks among the world’s leading companies in developing and producing innovative and reliable measuring technology and with over 90 years of experience in manufacturing process instrumentation, KROHNE, can not only deliver products but are able to configure entire systems for customer specific requirements. With continued success in other sectors, such as oil and gas, we are now delivering a complete solution for Water.”

The OPTISENS range of pH and ORP analysis instrumentation are available in a wide choice of sensor styles and combinations of different glass and diaphragm materials ensuring the right product for the job. From measuring pure water to the harsher environments of waste water treatment plants these products are perfect for:
• Process control and monitoring limit values in water and waste water
• Quality and Process Control in cooling boiler feed water
• Monitoring pH limit values
• Process Control in neutralisation processes
• pH monitoring for CIP systems

Designed not only with the application in mind, as with all products in the KROHNE range, user friendliness coupled with ease of installation are key considerations which is easily accomplished thanks to the standardised design and connections. However further benefits are realised when considering the ‘total cost of acquisition’, as long product life cycles can be achieved due to the high quality and precise glass electrodes and by utilising membranes of highly sensitive special glass (pH) further ensuring low maintenance costs.

KROHNE also provide the OPTISENS MAC 100 analytical converter, with its modular design offering great flexibility in designing the system you require enabling you to specify the number and type of signal inputs and outputs and the complexity of the measuring point and the number of parameters.

The OPTISENS MAC 100: Measure different parameters with one device - this multi -parameter analytical converter is suitable for the measurement of different analytical parameters such as pH/ORP, conductivity and free chlorine. Regardless of which sensor is used or which parameter is being measured – the device offers standardised startup and operation for all, just as its brother, the IFC 100, offers for different electromagnetic flowmeters. The user can also opt to measure two different parameters or to connect two different sensors to one signal converter. This reduces costs as it further eliminates the need to install a second signal converter. If required, the device can also automatically control sensor cleaning.

To complete the solution, the KROHNE WATERFLUX 3070 battery powered electromagnetic water meter is fully compliant with the strict European and UK laws, to protect the environment and human health, carrying MCERTS approval. ( Environment Agency's Monitoring Certification Scheme.)

The WATERFLUX 3070 electromagnetic water meter from KROHNE can be installed virtually anywhere due to its patented measuring tube design. The unique rectangular cross section of the measuring tube ensures a strong, homogeneous magnetic field is formed, making measurement entirely independent of flow profile, and allowing for extremely short inlets and outlets. Even when there is no power supply the WATERFLUX 3070 won’t let you down. It has a battery life of up to 15 years and remote data transmission via a GSM module, making it the ideal solution for remote locations in the water industry where no power connection is available and providing certainty in case of power failure.

The WATERFLUX 3070 offers very low installation and maintenance costs as it has no moving parts and an extremely robust metal flow tube with Rilsan® coating.
• Battery driven with very low power consumption for use in remote locations
• Easy installation without straight inlet or outlet lengths
• IP68 rated signal converter for submersion in flooded chambers

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