Monday 26 March 2012

Intelligent softstarter

Automatic settings deliver correct starting current regardless of load

Carlo Gavazzi has launched the RSBS single phase, plug ‘n’ play Softstart motor controller that delivers a smooth start and long term reliability for single phase high pressure scroll compressors typically used in the growing heat pump market. 

The RSBS has been developed to reduce high inrush currents and associated effects to prolong compressor life.  The compact design features a self-adapting algorithm that will automatically react to changing load conditions to ensure that a wide range of compressors are started with the correct current and within the required ramp-up time of 600ms.

This self-adaptation feature eliminates light flickering and voltage disturbances, while reducing mechanical stresses on the compressor, and minimises the number of alarms during start-up, resulting in fewer service calls and reduced system downtime.  The RSBS features integrated protection against short-cycling, with an internal delay to ensure a maximum of ten starts per hour is observed.

To address the issue of weak power supplies in remote locations, the under voltage alarm is only active during bypass mode.  Other alarms such as Locked Rotor and End of Ramp protect the system during start up, leading to a reduction in system stoppage and service calls.

Alarm indication is provided through a red LED which signals the type of alarm via a user friendly flashing sequence.  The RSBS can also be supplied with an optional auxiliary alarm relay to interface additional alarm systems to the external panel.  Featuring compact dimensions of 137 x 84 x 60mm, the RSBS is easy to fit in any existing panel design via DIN rail or panel mount.

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