Thursday 8 March 2012

New technology makes segmented flow analyser compact and easy-to-use

Building on its reputation for innovation, SEAL Analytical has launched the 'AA1' – a fully automated analyser employing new technology based on segmented flow analysis for rapid, accurate, precise analysis of parameters such as Ammonia, Phosphate, Nitrate, Nitrite, Total Nitrogen, Total Phosphorous and Chloride. Typical applications include water, wastewater, soil, plant, fertilizer, food and beverage analysis.

Designed for reliability and simplicity, the AA1 is fully automatic with up to two separate channels analyzing two parameters simultaneously and performing up to 120 tests per hour. Stuart Smith is President of Seal, he says the instrument "is a lab manager's dream because it is compact and able to run unattended. Its operation has been greatly simplified which makes it extremely attractive to users; with minimal flow paths and the ability to add samples at any time during a run. This new approach to segmented flow employs low reagent quantities, so while results are extremely accurate, the cost per test is minimised."

Instrument control and data acquisition is performed with intuitive, easy to use 'AACE Lite' software, offering over 1,000 analytical methods meeting USEPA, ASTM, ISO and other international regulatory standards.

In order to achieve low detection limits and excellent reproducibility for the AA1, SEAL Analytical's German facility has designed and manufactured an innovative pump and brand new heating module.

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