Thursday 29 March 2012

RFID reader for use outdoors or in harsh environments

The new Ha-VIS RF-R500 is a powerful, versatile and robust RFID reader designed for applications outdoors or in harsh environments from Harting.

The reader can capture information automatically on several hundred objects over distances of up to 16 metres and can immediately store data on an existing IT system such as SAP. Automatic capture minimises possible sources of error and enables the optimisation of logistics processes.

The unit is protected by a robust aluminium housing with a protection category up to IP 64. A transmission power of 4 W, coupled with the inclusion of four antenna connections in each device, helps to deliver wide coverage at minimum cost.

A key application for the Ha-VIS RF-R500 is in maintenance management, where the monitoring and logistics processes can be greatly simplified and accelerated with considerable cost savings.

In the rail industry, for example, the reader is ideally suited to tracking wagons entering a maintenance shed. The unit's ruggedness allows it to be mounted next to the tracks, while the powerful processor and optimised software allow information on wagons to be captured while they are in motion.

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