Tuesday 20 March 2012

Comprehensive security with cost reduction and energy efficiency

Optimisation of data centres are requirements on the agenda of many data centre managers and to address these issues Rittal offers a coordinated system platform, “Rittal – The System”. It is a portfolio where customers can obtain all their services from a single source so that their data centre requirements can be met individually.
“Rittal – The System” includes new IT infrastructure components, standardisation options and solutions for automated data centre operation that integrate enclo-sures and components for power supply, cooling, monitoring and IT-security in a comprehensive and ideally coordinated solution.

“Managing trust – confidence and security in the digital world” was the keynote theme at this year's CeBIT where Rittal introduced a large number of innovations. These included the “TS IT”, a new IT rack including accessories and a new Power Distribution Unit (PDU), which uses snap-in technology and links to the Rittal Computer Multi Control (CMC) security management concept.

Flexible and expandable, all innovations are intended to help customers fulfil their requirements and Rittal’s IT infrastructure solutions function according to the “pay as you grow” principle.

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