Tuesday 13 March 2012

Optical connectors!

Souriau has pioneered the development of optical connectors, yesterday for the telecom market, today for harsh environments. Building on this rich know-how, Souriau has launched of its website devoted to optical connectors and fibre-optic technology: www.optical-connectors.com.

On this new site visitors can explore the whole range of Souriau products grouped by market, from aerospace to defence via railways and industrial plant, with detailed illustrations by application. For each market the site proposes a selection of connectors according to the required performance and the standards that must be conformed to. Data sheets and catalogues can be downloaded quickly and easily. The product ranges of its partners, featuring active optical components for electro/optic conversion, maintenance (inspection, cleaning, repair) and personnel training, are also presented.

The site also presents Souriau’s R&D and qualification testing (EN, IEC, ISO, MIL) capabilities, as well as its production facilities, and the latest innovations in fibre-optic technology: insensitivity to dust, high density and reduction of installation times. Souriau is continuing to develop optical technology to make it easy to install and reliable for the harshest environments, from ocean depths to outer space.

Souriau is aware that the selection of an optical technology is also based on the capacity of the supplier to minimize risks, from the preliminary project to full industrial production with its logistic imperatives. Souriau’s dedicated optical team is experienced in this constant support of its customers, and can be contacted directly through the website to respond to the specific questions and needs of the visitors.

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