Tuesday 6 March 2012

A complete measuring chain

The latest version of the Kistler maXYmos BL process monitoring and product testing system is the basis of a complete XY measuring chain costing less than €2400, including sensors. Since its launch, the maXYmos BL system has proved to be a cost-effective method of monitoring a wide range of manufacturing processes, especially joining, assembly, and product testing. Monitoring the relationship between force, measured by piezoelectric or strain gauge sensors, and distance, measured by potentiometric displacement sensors provides an accurate evaluation of any variation in a production process or product performance compared with a known optimum.

The new version adds envelope curve evaluation as standard to further enhance the performance of this versatile and compact monitor. During setup, the band of the envelope curve automatically wraps around the outside contour of a previously measured bundle of curves evaluated as “Good”. Automatic trend tracking, which can be activated for the band of the envelope curve, tracks the set-point limits, for example with progressive tool wear, and adjusts the evaluation function to suit the actual process in real time. One or two separate envelope curves, in addition to other evaluation objects, may be defined for each measurement curve.

In addition, new PC software allows direct transfer of the test data from the maXYmos BL to a PC and provides an easy to use method for displaying, measuring and analysing measurement curves and process values, and for evaluating process capability.

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