Friday 30 March 2012

The power module of choice for 90-degree mounting

Vincotech offers a wide range of power modules, one line of which is the perfect match for book-sized inverters and 19-inch rack-mounted power supplies with a 90-degree angle between the heat-sink and PCB. Called flow90 and featuring pins arrayed at a 90-degree angle, these modules are available as standard products with CON, PIM, and PACK configurations. Furthermore customized topologies like for switching mode power supplies and battery chargers are also commonly used in this package. This concept gets rid of flexible PCBs. The use of flow90 modules utilize the PCB to its maximum and achieve small applications.

Read Vincotech’s article on the flow90 power module!

Featuring an integrated input rectifier, brake, and motor inverter, flow90PIM combines the benefits of a power module - isolation, good thermal coupling with the heatsink, and enhanced reliability - with the advantages of the 90-degree mounting option customarily used for discrete components. The flow90 module is the perfect fit for book-sized frequency inverters and 19-inch rack applications such as switching mode power supplies and battery chargers. With all its features the flow90 is the module of choice for many applications that can benefit of the 90-degree concept.

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