Monday 14 November 2011

Control in the cloud!

The cloud-based Netbiter solution from HMS enables remote management of industrial applications

The Netbiter® remote management solution enables users to monitor and control machinery such as power generators, tanks, wind turbines, building applications and base stations from a standard web browser.

Remote access to industrial applications and cloud computing are hot topics today as more and more companies are looking to save time, energy and resources. With this in mind, HMS can now offer a remote management solution for industrial applications based on cloud technology.

How Netbiter works
The Netbiter remote management solution is unique since it is an all-in-one solution including communication gateways, secure hosting servers and a web user interface.

A Netbiter gateway connects to any type of remote equipment, usually via the Modbus protocol. The Netbiter sends information via the Internet or a secure GSM/GPRS connection which requires no VPN or static IP addresses.

By accessing the Netbiter ArgosTM data center at, users can monitor parameters such as temperatures, statuses and levels from a regular web browser. It is also possible to start or stop equipment such as power generators remotely.

Typical users and applications
The Netbiter solution can be used by anyone wanting to monitor and control equipment remotely. Early adopters use Netbiter to monitor power generators, water/wastewater plants, tanks, building/HVAC installations, telecom base stations and renewable energy. By getting real-time information about equipment in the field, users are able to gain better control and make substantial savings on service trips and machine maintenance.

"Netbiter is already a trusted and proven concept installed in more than 50 countries around the world. With the acquisition of the remaining shares in remote management specialist Intellicom earlier this year, we now put further focus on remote management within HMS and offer the Netbiter concept on a wider scale. With the backing of the HMS global team we can now offer state-of-the-art industrial solutions for remote management,” comments Staffan Dahlström, CEO at HMS Industrial Networks.

Technical highlights
  • - The Netbiter gateway sends information via a secure Ethernet or GSM/GPRS connection eliminating the need for VPNs or static IP addresses.
  • - The solution is configured in a web interface at without the need for any programming.
  • - A dashboard tool makes it easy to create graphical displays with gauges and tables of the most important parameters in real time.
  • - Historical data is stored on parallel servers in the Netbiter ArgosTM data center, making it easy to create reports and statistics regarding the equipment.

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