Wednesday 9 November 2011

New Low-Power, Wireless Remote Monitors

Following the acquisition of ADCON Telemetry, the Austrian low power wireless communications specialist, OTT Hydrometry has launched a suite of instrument 'bundles' that bring new levels of simplicity to the remote collection of environmental monitoring data.

OTT Hydrometry already offers a variety of wireless communication options, however UK Managing Director Simon Wills says, "The ADCON equipment is extremely low power and does not require a housing, so it is ideal for remote monitoring applications. It is also low cost and enables the utilisation of mixed communications technologies within the same network.

"The main advantage will be the quick, easy, low cost utilisation of radio telemetry and for applications in which radio cannot reach the required destination; we will be able to include any of our other telemetry options."

The ADCON equipment can also be easily retro-fitted to existing monitoring stations from which data is collected manually, thereby saving significant labour costs and providing access to live data with GPRS/GSM or radio telemetry.

OTT has announced that the first instrument bundles to be launched with the ADCON technology will be for water level, rainfall and water quality monitoring applications. These include:

  • OTT RLS (Radar Level Sensor)

  • OTT PLS (Pressure Level Sensor)

  • OTT SE200 (Shaft Encoder Float Sensor)

  • Pluvio2 precision rain gauge

  • Hydrolab Multiparameter Water Quality Sondes
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