Wednesday 30 November 2011

Towards a more flexible cable layout!

A universal hood and a mixed adaptor frame have been added to the range of housing and insulator components for use with Harting's innovative Han-Yellock ® industrial connector system.

The new additions enhance flexibility in system designs by making cable layout more flexible and by allowing an increased number of connector configurations.

The universal hood provides enough space for a range of cable entry Hartingcombinations for layouts ranging from 3 x M20, 2 x M25, 2 x M32 to 1 x M50 cable glands. Individual cables can be fed in and fitted with separate cable connections. Standard cable connections can be used, with the added benefit that maintenance can be carried out by replacing separate individual cables.

This range of cable entry options is particularly important for use with modular insulators. The new Han-Yellock® mixed adaptor frame sets a new benchmark for potential wiring combinations. Alongside Han-Yellock® modules with bridging functionality, Han-Modular® modules can also be used to handle a wide range of transmission types from power to data. The unique functionalities of the Han-Yellock® and Han-Modular® ranges are integrated within a single compact interface, reducing the number and size of connectors on a panel and providing a quick mating operation.

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