Wednesday 23 November 2011

New release PACTware

PACTware Release 4.1 is now available for download free of charge. Using the new Topology Scan Addin of this release it is possible to automaticly build a project of a given plant for the first time. Even communication structures consisting of e.g. Profibus lines with remote I/O systems can be scanned. In order to get a complet project of a plant all device type managers (DTMs) of the used devices must be included in the device catalog of PACTware.

If there are DTMs missing for some Profibus or HART devices or if you want to work with a minimum of DTMs it is a good idea to use generic DTMs provided by ICS. Using Generic HART DTM 5 and Profibus PA Profile 3 DTM only a plant can be parameterized and observed in a wide range. All Profibus PA devices must be switched to " profile mode" then.

The following new features are included in PACTware 4.1:
  • the Diagnostic Scan Add-In (called "Device State Manager Add-In" in release 4.0), that shows and logs NAMUR status information of devices, is now implemented non-modal. Actions with DTMs can now be executed while a basic condition monitoring is running in the background.
  • online help and manuals are provided now in 5 languages: German, English, French, Spanish and Russian
  • in addition the graphical user interface can be displayed in Nederlands and Japanese language
  • a DTM can now be easily replaced by another DTM within the project tree

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