Thursday 10 November 2011

New MD appointed

Andy Anthony has been appointed to the position of Managing Director of Monitron.

Andy Anthony
Andy joined Monitran in 2006 as Operations Director, having previously worked in the papermaking industry (one of many that make extensive use of sensors for monitoring purposes). Tasked with revamping Monitran’s manufacturing processes, Andy implemented ‘lean’ practices across the board, from raw materials through to delivered products.

In addition, Andy has been the driving force behind the OEM’s move into ‘turnkey projects’, rather than just the provision of products, and the company is proud to have played a key role in a recent maintenance overhaul of the Thames Barrier.

Andy comments: “I’m delighted with my promotion to MD and, having completed the revamping of the manufacturing processes, which I set out to do as Operations Director, I’m keen to move Monitran forward as a professional, customer-facing organisation. We’re already the UK’s leading OEM of vibration sensors, but we’re certainly not resting on our laurels.”

Andy intends for customer satisfaction, through greater levels of interaction during product selection and project specification, to be a top priority in the future.

Andy concludes: “I firmly believe that customers are increasingly making their choices of preferred supplier based on three things: how innovative the OEM is (as also-rans are followers not leaders), the pedigree of the company (the longer they’ve been around the more problems they’ve seen and solved) and the levels of professionalism that reside with the customer-facing teams.”

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