Wednesday 30 November 2011

30% energy saving potential: White Paper

"Potential of PROFIenergy” - white paper describes how to save 30% energy in production applications

A new white paper from PI (PROFIBUS & PROFINET International) concerning PROFIenergy describes the results of measurements in real-world applications and highlights the potential benefits for manufacturers, OEMs, and – in particular – plant operators. The data acquired confirm that the use of PROFIenergy in the studied production applications enables energy savings of 30 %.

The well-founded statements regarding the potential for energy savings are based on targeted measurements at various points in the energy distribution and at defined time intervals as a function of the plant status. The potential for energy savings – and thus cost savings – can be determined directly based on the duration of pauses and the energy consumption by loads that are not switched off.

The new white paper also describes the operating principle behind the PROFINET profile developed specially for energy-saving automation systems along with possible applications and optimum use of this profile. Target markets include production lines used for discrete production that feature high-performance machines, such as robots and laser-based components. In addition to the obvious cost savings, PROFIenergy provides competitive advantages to users, for example, in the form of longer machine life due to fewer operating hours. Not the least of the advantages is the environmental benefit resulting from the improved CO2 balance.

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