Wednesday 16 November 2011

Smallest photomicrosensor!

Omron Electronics Components has launched what it believes is the smallest photomicrosensor on the market, a device that nevertheless offers exceptional sensing performance.

Despite its ultra-compact size of just 3.2mm x 1.9mm x 1.1mm, the new Omron EE-SY1200 reflective photomicrosensor can reliably detect objects between 1mm and 4mm away. It is ideal for a whole range of demanding applications including paper pass and edge detection in office equipment and cash machines, as well as motion and tamper detection in gambling and metering equipment and safety applications such as end of travel detection cover presence confirmation and moving part proximity detection.

Based on their innovative MID (moulded interconnect device) technology, the EE-SY1200 offers a detector solution with a high and reliable signal to noise ratio. The industry leading parameters of minimum light current versus maximum leakage current, for the EE-SY1200, are specified at 200micro-amps against 500nano-amps. This level of performance allows the system to reliably respond to the presence and position of the detected object.

Gabriel Sikorjak, Omron Product Marketing Manager, Sensors, commented, “The development of new EE-SY1200 photomicrosensor securely establishes Omron as a innovative supplier of high quality, high functionality, compact components for sensing and control. The new sensor has few, if any, alternatives available on the current market for surface mounting reflective photomicrosensors. The exceptional sensing distance achieved opens up new opportunities for designers looking for sensing solutions where an object needs to be detected as it approaches the detection area.”

The device is available in a surface mount termination for use with automated mounting equipment and offers it in tape and reel packaging. The sensor is compatible with the latest reflow soldering processes. The photomicrosensor supports an operating temperature range from -25°C to 85°C.

Photomicrosensor are compact optical sensors that detect objects or object positions using an optical beam. The reflective photomicrosensor incorporates an emitter and a detector. When an object is located in the sensing area of the reflective photomicrosensor, the object reflects the optical beam of the emitter, thus changing the amount of optical energy reaching the detector.

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