Friday 11 November 2011

IR thermomenter effectively free of charge!

Fluke is offering a new 1735-IR Kit in Britain until Until 31st March 2012.

The kit contains a rugged Fluke 1735 three-phase portable Power Logger, designed for commercial electricians and industrial maintenance engineers, plus a Fluke 561 Infrared (IR) Thermometer which can be used to check for overheating cable connections at a safe distance. The power logger can be installed in seconds and is easily downloadable in the field. The kit is priced such that the Fluke 561 is effectively free.

This three-phase Power Logger, with a 600V CAT III safety rating, records power, energy, and basic power quality parameters for power load studies. It logs electrical power parameters and harmonics for up to 45 days, and captures hard-to-find voltage events. Used in conjunction with the latest Fluke iFlex™ series flexible current probes, it is easy to take measurements in large cables and bus bars. The Fluke 561 is a rugged, precision, thermometer combining an IR non-contact thermometer with a plug-in, K-type thermocouple for contact measurement.

In load studies, the Fluke 1735 verifies electrical system capacity before loads are added. For energy assessments, it quantifies energy consumption before and after improvements to justify energy-saving devices. The instrument also uncovers harmonic distortion that can damage or disrupt critical equipment, and it captures voltage events, such as dips and swells that cause spurious resets or nuisance circuit breaker tripping. This data makes it possible to take measurements to improve equipment reliability. The in-built colour screen provides instant information that connections were made correctly. The collected data can be easily downloaded, either locally to a laptop or back in the office. Fluke Power Log software is included for viewing graphs and generating reports.
Besides characterising basic power quality and power consumption, the 1735 also logs RMS voltage and current, phase angle, voltage events, voltage and current THD, voltage and current harmonics up to the 50th harmonic, active and reactive power, power factor, active and reactive energy, and more. It also monitors maximum power demand over user-defined averaging periods. As a 4-channel device, the Fluke 1735 measures all three phases plus neutral.

The Fluke 561 two-in-one thermometer offers ±1% accuracy infra-red temperature measurement for instant readings of electrically charged and hard-to-reach, or rotating, hot objects, allowing measurement at a safe distance and usually without the need for a ladder. A single laser pointer provides accurate target sighting. A large number of objects can be scanned quickly and efficiently. A useful applications guide encourages use of the thermometer to its maximum potential.
A Velcro-covered, K-type thermocouple pipe probe enables contact measurement of pipes, metallic surfaces and air streams, with a built-in differential temperature function providing quick and accurate measurements for superheat and sub-cooling pipes. Other industry-standard K-type thermocouples can be also used with the Fluke 561 for specific applications.

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