Tuesday, 8 September 2009


3-component system for measuring machining forces

A new modular 3-component dynamometer from Kistler Instruments, the Type 9129A, is designed specifically for measuring machining forces up to 8 kN during boring, cutting and turning operations. The dynamometer is ideal for analyzing process capability, investigating the machining of new materials, and optimizing high-performance cutting. The modular design allows the dynamometer to be easily adapted to match a wide range of lathes including VDI, Coromant and Capto plus standard turrets. Toolholders for cutting and boring tools can be mounted on the cover plate of the dynamometer.

The piezoelectric sensor system, on which this measuring system is based, measures the forces with virtually no displacement and the design of the dynamometer minimizes temperature error. Ground loop problems are largely avoided by ground-isolated mounting of the sensors. Provided matching cables are used, the corrosion-resistant dynamometer is protected against ingress of cutting fluids to IP67.

On twin turret, inclined bed lathes the measuring system can be mounted over or under the work piece. The dynamometer has been designed to ensure that the cutting edge of the tool is always at the height of the rotational axis, in the middle of the work piece, irrespective of the mounting position.

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