Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Breath alcohol

Temperature sensors for breath alcohol instrument

The Lion Alcolmeter® 500 is a breath alcohol measuring instrument designed for field use and extensively used by public services and other authorities for fast subject screening to ensure safe alcohol levels, in many instances before a vehicle or dangerous machinery is actually operated. The British Home Office approved instrument fully complies with the stringent accuracy and reliability standards for such equipment which uses high reliability temperature sensors from BetaTHERM Inc, supplied by its exclusive British distribution partner Variohm EuroSensor.

Temperature sensors used in breath alcohol instruments are essential to maintain that the subject breath temperature falls within an acceptable range and to provide the means to compensate for minute breath temperature variance for the test result. Along with other measured criteria, breath temperature levels help to determine the validity of the breath sample – if for any reason the temperature is out of its normal and relatively narrow range, the Alcolmeter 500 will register an alarm.

To maintain such a high specification, the alcolmeter 500 uses ultra-small bead thermistors. These sensors utilise metallic oxide semiconductor material sintered on platinum/iridium alloy lead wires with a controlled glass coating which provides a hermetic seal. With fast response times and high power sensitivities, the technology is well suited to gas flow or liquid temperature measurement and their small size (0.25 mm diameter) make them ideal for portable instruments. Other applications for this high reliability temperature sensor are gas chromatography and thermal conductivity gas analysis equipment.

This range of thermistors are used in demanding temperature measurement, control and compensation applications in biomedical, automotive, aerospace, instrumentation, HVAC, consumer industries and instrumentation. The range enjoys the highest reputation for total reliability and uncompromising accuracy and Variohm provide complete technical support from customer product development through to full production.

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