Thursday, 17 September 2009


Online sampling and analysis
A necessity, not a luxury

A major overhead for any processing plant is effluent discharge. And, in accordance with the British Water Industry Act 1991, any company having a significant quantity of trade effluent discharge must obtain consent prior to making a discharge to the public sewer network or water course. With consent granted on the basis of effluent composition and any levels exceeded resulting in major fines, the need for accurate, effective and traceable measurement has never been so apparent

Simple sampling
At the very least, having an on-site sampler will ensure the customer has a representative sample to give to the trade effluent officer. And here’s where Endress+Hauser can help! Their Liquiport 2000 lightweight portable sampler is ideal for an entry level sampling system. Cost-effective and reliable, its medium detection system recognises the difference between filled and empty pump hoist so that accurate dosing volumes are guaranteed.

For more complex sampling tasks, their MCERTS approved ASP Station 2000 sampler has been specially designed for precision sampling. Offering automatic sampling initiated on the basis of time, quantity or flow, ASP Station 2000 provides defined distribution and conservation of liquid media. Samples are preserved using the integrated cooling system that keeps samples in peek condition from +2°C to +20°C (factory setting is 4°C). The current sample compartment temperature is displayed at the controls and recorded in the internal datalogger (optional) for future reference.

Continuous monitoring
Where continuous monitoring of online parameters is required, the CE4 measurement station with its integrated water sampler is the right choice. The system consists of four main components: electronics, analysis pipework, water sampler and accessories, meaning the system can be tailor-made to suit every measurement task – it can be configured to include pH/ORP, conductivity, DO and turbidity. All components are installed inside a weatherproof stainless steel cabinet, so outdoor storage poses no problems!

Immediate detection
In addition to achieving representative effluent samples, online analysis enables immediate detection of product loss. Their range of online analysers covers all key analytical parameters from pH and suspended solids through to the sum parameters of BOD, COD and TOC. And, by activating alarm set points on the analysers, you can ensure that should any content limits be breached, you’ll know about it immediately - an important factor to avoid fines. Remember, prevention is better than cure!

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