Friday, 11 September 2009

W&WW papers!

Water and wastewater white papers will add to your problem-solving repertory

The technical papers section at Controlsoft gives environmentally concerned operations people in the waste and wastewater industry the chance to review solid information that can lead to tighter chlorine control and lower chlorine setpoints, as well as massive cost savings.

The Water and Wastewater group includes application notes and technical email such as "Process Control for Drinking Water Treatment," "Coordinated Control for Chlorination Stations," and "Keeping Chlorine Discharge Residual at the Desired Level."

These papers offer both experienced and new technical personnel the opportunity to add to their process control knowledge.

Engineers and operations people may request free PDFs of the Water and Wastewater group by going to On the home page, click on the Support button to reach the technical papers section of the web site, which shows the titles of available papers (grouped by industrial category, such as food and beverage, fermentation and biochemical, etc.).

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