Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Temp Calibration

Modular concept temperature calibration systems

The CS Series from Eurolec comprises two dry block “black body” sources for calibration with a temperature control system and a pocket for a reference thermometer. Model CS173 features a range of +30 to +200°C and model CS174 features a range of 40°C below ambient (approx. -20°C) to +85°C, together with 0.01°C resolution between -19.99°C to + 85.00°C.

In addition, both models feature a 2 position Precision Accuracy Check (PAC*) function where at the touch of a switch, the accuracy of the unit is confirmed at 2 preset points. A calibration certificate, traceable to national standards is supplied with both models. For precision accuracy checking over an extended range, reference thermometers RT161 or PC Temp RT1 are recommended.

These innovative units save the on the inconvenience and time lost due to external calibration, are quick and easy to use and will provide considerable cost savings when compared with external or contracted on-site temperature calibration.

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