Thursday, 17 September 2009

Bus power

Fieldbus power supply
delivers up to 500mA per segment

MooreHawke has introduced the TRUNKGUARD® TPS400 Fieldbus Power Supply for general purpose and non-incendive applications.

Available models supply 350mA (for non-isolated, energy limited applications) or 500mA (for high current demand applications) of isolated, conditioned simplex (non-redundant) or duplex (redundant) power to up to four segments.

The fieldbus power supply has a high-availability, modular design featuring modules that are hot-swappable with load-sharing in redundant pairs. This maintains power to the segment in the instance that one module in a pair needs to be removed. Additional features include a rugged industrial metal housing, optional pluggable surge protection, and multi-segment H1 connectors that deliver simple, error-free wiring to a DCS and reduce installation time.

The TPS400 also has an economical Diagnostics Module (FDM252) option that provides a master alarm and LED-based alarms for segment noise, DC voltage levels and conditioner status faults.

Ideal for use with MooreHawke Series 200 and Series 300 TRUNKGUARD Fieldbus Device Couplers, the TPS400 also works perfectly with any other manufacturer’s non-intrinsically-safe fieldbus device couplers.

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