Tuesday, 15 September 2009

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exida Joins ISA Security Compliance Institute

The ISA Security Compliance Institute announces the recent addition of exida LLC as a Technical Member.
Founded in 2007, the ISA Security Compliance Institute’s mission is to provide the highest level of assurance possible for the cyber security of industrial automation control systems. The Institute is well into development of an industry consensus cyber security specification for the ISASecure designation. Conformant products will carry the ISASecure designation, enabling suppliers to substantiate claims of compliance. The designation will also provide asset owners with independently validated cyber security characteristics for products when making procurement decisions.

Andre Ristaino, managing director of ISA's Automation Standards Compliance Institute, comments on the addition of exida to the Institute. “Dr. William Goble and his organization are globally recognized experts in engineering practices in the field of safety. Many of the same concepts are applicable to cyber security of control systems. exida’s insights and contributions from their top-drawer professionals will improve the quality of the ISASecure test specification.”

Headquartered in the US and Munich, (D), exida is a significant provider of functional safety and control system security services, and certification and engineering tools. The company has extensive experience in major markets such as oil and gas, chemicals, power, automotive, and pharmaceuticals. exida has certified over 70 safety products to the ISO/IEC 61508 international standard.

exida also owns Byres Research, located in Vancouver (CDN). Byres Research is a world-class team of security and controls systems professionals dedicated to helping corporations and government agencies protect critical industrial automation and control systems from cyber incidents.

“We are very pleased to be a Technical Member of the ISA Security Compliance Institute”, says Dr. Goble, principle partner of exida. “Membership is consistent with our overall goal to help rapidly mature the field of control system security, including the design, certification, and application of products used in critical applications. "

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