Saturday, 19 September 2009

T/C logger

4 channel thermocouple data logger

MadgeTech has just released the QuadTemp2000, a four channel thermocouple logger equipped with an LCD.

It has a reading rate of up to 4Hz and can store up to 500,000 readings per channel. To maximize memory capacity users can enable or disable channels. For easy identification, each channel can be named with up to a ten digit title.

The convenient LCD is an ideal tool to ensure process parameters are met, in real time. Each channel is identified by its title, and the current reading, minimum, maximum and average statistics can all be obtained through the display. The statistics can be reset for different cycle processes where tolerance values may vary.

In addition, the QuadTemp2000 features individual cold junction compensation for each channel providing increased accuracy and response time, and if a probe is removed or severed during logging, the software automatically annotates the data.

This unit is ideal for use in monitoring warehouses, refrigerators, ovens, and HVAC applications. With the QuadTemp2000, monitoring multiple points is easy. Simply place the thermocouples in the monitoring areas and start the logger. Data from all channels is simultaneously logged. After the monitoring cycle is complete data can be downloaded to a PC for further analysis.

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