Monday, 28 September 2009

Cyber czar!

Former US Dept of Homeland Security Cyber Czar to advise

Wurldtech Security Technologies, provider of the award-winning Achilles security analysis platform and other cyber security testing and certification solutions for critical infrastructure industries, has announced that Greg Garcia, former Assistant Secretary for Cyber Security and Communications with the US Department of Homeland Security, has joined their advisory board.
Greg Garcia

Greg Garcia
We have recently reported that he delivers an address on "Industrial Security and the Political Control System: A View from Washington" at ISAExpo'09 in October.
He is also a guest at the 2nd Annual Critical Infrastructure Conference, being held in Calgary (CDN)

In this role, Garcia will offer guidance on strategic direction, business development, policy advocacy and other initiatives to improve the effectiveness of public-private partnerships to secure our critical infrastructures.

“Wurldtech’s innovation and market penetration has made a significant improvement in the safety, security and reliabilityof global critical infrastructures” said Garcia. “Theirs is the kind of corporate leadership I vocally encouraged among all stakeholders during my tenure at DHS, so it is a great pleasure for me to join the company’s Advisory Board and provide counsel to – and learn from -- such a forward-thinking company with an incredible track-record.Wurldtech is truly focused on solving shared problems for industrialowners, operators and vendors.”

Garcia was the United States' first Presidentially-appointed Assistant Secretary for Cyber Security and Communications (CS&C) for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, from 2006-2008 where he led the strategic direction of CS&C, overseeing a $500 million budget for the National Cyber Security Division, the Office of Emergency Communications and the National Communications System.

"Garcia is one of the great minds in cyber security and critical infrastructure protection whose experience will help Wurldtech remain at the forefront of our industry and we areextremely privileged to have his support"
said Tyler Williams, President of Wurldtech Security Technologies."As cyber security risks increase in frequency and sophistication, standards efforts continue to lag technology advancementsand as emerging digital infrastructures such as AMI continue to be deployed without standardized testing, we need greater cooperation and alignment between public and private sector stakeholders immediately. Greg will help us drive this message in Washington."

Before joining DHS, Garcia held several senior industry executive positions and served on the staff of the House Science Committee where he helped draft and shepherd enactment of the Cyber Security Research and Development Act of 2002.

Garcia’s current list of affiliations includes advisory board positions with Triumfant, and Finjan Corporation. In addition, he serves as the managing director of Pierce Capital Partners and has joined Idaho State University as an affiliate research professor of information assurance policy and strategy.

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