Monday 20 January 2020

Trouble shooting thermal imaging camera.

Fluke has introduced the new TiS60+ thermal imaging camera, the ideal troubleshooting and preventive maintenance tool for industrial maintenance technicians and engineers. The new Fluke TiS60+ features IR-Fusion™ technology, which blends visible and infrared images to varying degrees to help pinpoint exactly the location of a problem. This model is ideal for users who are new to thermal imaging or if being used by a team with varying levels of thermal imaging experience as the TiS60+ offers easy-to-use fixed focus.

The Fluke TiS60+ Thermal Imaging Camera features 320 x 240 resolution images for clarity and image detail on a 3.5 inch LCD screen, especially when capturing smaller temperature differences from further away. Designed to withstand a 2 metre drop and water and dust resistant to IP54, it can be used in a temperature range of -20°C to +400°C. The TiS60+ can work without a break, with a battery life of over 5 hours of continuous use. Sleep mode saves the battery life in between inspection points: simply pressing the power button one time gets the camera back up and running.

Often the next big challenge with infrared images is to make sure that the images taken by the team can quickly be added to work orders. The TiS60+ features IR Photo Notes which makes this easy. They give the camera operator a simple way to add pictures associated with the image, documenting the equipment name or the room location associated with the thermal image, so that the person creating the work order can send the technicians to the right location for repairs.

Fluke Connect™ desktop software, provided with the camera, allows users to record and share thermal images in real time via their smartphones or tablets and automatically upload them to the cloud. The software enables creation of professional reports in minutes while efficiently capturing full radiometric data to support the maintenance program.

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