Tuesday 7 January 2020

Enhanced QC LIMS functionality.

The latest version of the Matrix Gemini LIMS software from Autoscribe Informatics provides significant enhancements which keep Matrix Gemini amongst the most innovative LIMS solutions currently available. Key new features are now included in the runsheet, graphical configuration tools and substance management functionality.

QC runsheets are important in many industries as they help ensure the quality and accuracy of analytical work. The use of runsheets for test performance is important in all laboratories where a number of samples are analyzed together with the associated standards and quality control samples. All of the data from the specific run is associated so that the full picture of the particular assay is known and understood. In addition, the run sequence can be exported to the test instrument and the results of the tests imported back into the runsheet for review thus eliminating manual transcription errors. New runsheet capabilities in the latest Matrix Gemini software include improvements in the way in which runsheets are built from templates. Samples within the runsheet can now be edited and reorganized using the preview functionality. There are also improvements in layout checking while creating runsheet templates and runsheet lifecycles have been introduced.

The new runsheet life cycle covers the stages of runsheet progress from creation through to approval. The status of a runsheet and its associated samples is linked to ensure integrity of the data. This, combined with a full audit trail of changes made to the runsheets and associated samples, provides the traceability so important to regulated industries.

Enhancements to Matrix Gemini’s popular graphical configuration tools include the introduction of borderless buttons and the provision of increased control of how buttons and controls are displayed on screen. With these changes it is even easier to provide a familiar, and easy to use, look and feel to the Matrix user interface.

New capabilities for substance management have also been introduced. Users can now easily create new substances by copying and saving current substances with their test groups. In addition, the tests needed to be performed on a complex sample can be more easily managed by using composite substances. This is where multiple substances, and their associated tests, are brought together to define the composite substance.

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