Friday 10 January 2020

Oil & gas flow industry studies!

Flow Research is working on two new gasflow studies. This is the 4th edition of their gasflow series of studies. The last gasflow study was published in 2016. They are now taking another look at this market, which has undergone significant changes in the past several years.

The new studies are called The World Market for Gas Flow Measurement, 4th Edition and Module A: Oil & Gas Industry Flowmeters, Gas Applications and Strategies, and both studies will are scheduled for publication in Q1 2020.

Flow Research has been following the gas flow market regularly since the first edition of our worldwide gas flow measurement study in 2004. Since then, the gas market has evolved considerably. -- and experienced extraordinary growth in the last decade.

Natural gas is a cleaner alternative to oil and coal, and the world community has welcomed the seeming abundance of natural gas because it:

  • Is available now to help meet energy needs around the world
  • Currently enjoys a favorable price point due to its surging supply
  • Can be delivered in a number of forms and through a variety of means, making it a highly versatile commodity and potentially lowering its distribution costs
  • A long-term bridge to renewable energy.

Flow Research's Jesse Yoder comments, "We believe this is an optimal time to quantify the growth in the gas flow measurement market, and to take an in-depth look at its present and future prospects. Research has resulted in new products that measure the flow of gas more accurately and reliably. In addition, expanded industry approvals have made the use of certain types of flowmeters viable in this market."

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