Wednesday 29 January 2020

Silo weighing system.

The recently launched  S-series by VPG Transducers and available in Britain through Variohm EuroSensor is a flexible and configurable load-cell based silo weighing system with optional temperature measurement. Featuring VPG’s 178 extensometer load cells, optional PT100 sensors and a choice of three display variants, including a remote PC monitoring version, the S-series allows users to utilise weight and temperature measurements to calculate accurate fluid density, fluid mass and actual volumetric levels in up to 24 silos. The flexible and configurable system is easily adapted for process measurement tasks across a diverse range of industries including cement and minerals production, water treatment plants, agricultural produce, and food & beverage bulk material storage.

Through its three display versions, the S-series features VPG Transducers’ model 178 strain gauge extensometer load cells that have pedigree of application success for weighing, level control, stress and fatigue monitoring across many industries. Its alloy steel and IP66 hermetically sealed construction combine with a generous overload capacity to ensure accurate and low uncertainty weight measurement. Each display version offers a fixed number of load cell measurements, optional relay interfaces and bus based communications. Optional PT100 temperature sensors for up to two temperature measurements per silo can also be specified.

The entry level ST1 features a panel mounted LCD display for up to 4 weight and temperature measurements per screen and up to 8 connected silos. ST1 system options include integration of up to 16 temperature measurements, up to 4 relay interface casings (16 relay outputs per casing) and a Modbus TCP/Ethernet IP connection. French and English language interfaces are included.
The ST3 system features an RGB display with resistive touch controls for up to 24 measurements per screen, set as 8 weighing measurements and 16 temperature measurements. As standard the ST3 includes a Modbus TCP interface and, through its powerful 32-bit x86 microprocessor, supports up to 24 silo weight measurements plus 48 temperature measurements in addition to a maximum of 4 relay interface casings (16 relay outputs per casing) and Ethernet IP connections. Language interfacing for English, French and Spanish is included

For users who require remote monitoring, the S-Box silo weighing system allows a wide choice of weight and temperature measurements to be displayed on desktop browsers or portable devices. An embedded web server allows the user to access measurements from any computer connected on the same network and with multi-language (English, French, German, and Spanish) capability, the system will suit global silo measurement markets. A powerful 32-bit x86 microprocessor supports up to 24 silo weight measurements, 48 temperature measurements, as well as up to 4 relay interface casings (16 relay outputs per casing) and Ethernet IP connections.

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