Tuesday 14 January 2020

Force sensing.

The new piezoelectric 6-component force/moment link, Type 9306A, from Kistler Instruments is equally suited to measuring the forces acting on electric hand tools, rocket engine test benches or robotics.

Force-Moment sensor in wind tunnel
This new sensor delivers precise and direct measurements of three forces and three moments without calculation at very high resolution even under the most demanding operating conditions. The use of large-area quartz discs make for a very rigid sensor with a high natural frequency of 18kHz and low crosstalk of better than ±3.5% for highly dynamic force and moment measurements, especially when very small moments and forces are being measured.

The Type 6306A sensor is 90mm high, 62mm diameter and weighs 1.5kg. Where space is at a premium, the compact Type 9306A31 which is only 45mm high, 83mm diameter and weighs only 540g may be specified

Typical applications include:
Robot/Human interaction
Wind tunnels

The Kistler LabAmp 5167A multi-channel quasistatic and dynamic charge amplifier with analog output and integrated data acquisition provides an ideal signal conditioning capability with the ability to adjust the moment and force measuring ranges independently for each axis. The scalable and configurable high performance system provides channel synchronization, signal filtering, virtual channels and evaluation of individual force signals whilst the integrated data acquisition simplifies the measuring chain and provides added flexibility.

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