Thursday 30 January 2020

Automated calculation of the optimal packaging.

CoreTechnologie GmbH (CT) has added another innovation to the 3D_Evolution Simplifier software: As the first software on the market, the latest version of the Simplifier now allows for a fully automatic calculation of the smallest sphere diameter that surrounds a part or an assembly. With the new function, additional to the generation of a reduced envelope geometry models the Simplifier enables a time-saving and automated calculation of the optimal packaging.

In addition to the diameter calculation according to DIN EN ISO 8062-1, minimal packaging dimensions can be calculated in the form of a box and output as a CAD model of any major format. The determination of the smallest possible packaging dimensions, i.e. the smallest possible space, is used, for example, to optimize logistics costs and to minimize the cost of materials for packaging individual parts or assemblies with a very complex shape. In the past, this used to be a time-consuming manual process that can now be carried out automatically within seconds.

The 3D_Evolution Simplifier software is used by leading companies for fast and automatic data simplification as well as for the conversion of CAD models of all common formats such as Catia, NX, Solidworks, Creo, Inventor, Step, JT and many more. The creation of an envelope geometry is the solution to work smoothly and quickly with extensive and often too detailed 3D original data in CAD, VR and simulation systems. In terms of data quality, the tool enables the conversion of perfect solid models through data analysis and correction functions. In addition to protecting the know-how by creating the envelope models, the sophisticated technology at the same time also significantly reduces the file size as well as the elements that have to be displayed.

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