Thursday 16 January 2020

Risk assessments of on-site contamination.

IGE Consulting, is using a TigerLT handheld photoionisation detector (PID) from Ion Science – leading global manufacturer of high-performance gas detection instrumentation for environmental or occupational health applications – to provide comprehensive risk assessments of on-site contamination.

Supplied by Shawcity, the instrument was chosen for its flexible lamp design options that target different ranges and types of gases, and is monitoring potentially dangerous volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in soils which may cause harm to human health or compromise safety.

IGE Consulting undertakes desk studies and intrusive site investigation works on sites to be developed into residential or commercial developments. The company operates across Britain and provides a tailored service to meet client requirements such as pre-acquisition / planning development, abnormal costing evaluations, site investigation works and construction efficiency savings.

Molly Brown, Geo-environmental Engineer at IGE Consulting comments: “We previously hired the Ion Science TigerLT  for monitoring VOCs in soils so have used it numerous times with great success. To save costs in the long term, it made sense to purchase one of the instruments. It also adds value to our site investigations and reports as we are able to provide a more comprehensive risk assessment.

“One of the most appealing features of the TigerLT for us is the different options for lamps which allow various VOC gases to be detected. For example, we can choose lamps that give us a wide range or target specific ranges if we need to look for a particular type of VOC gas.”

The unit offers worldwide Intrinsic Safety (IS) certification for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, is a streamlined, low-cost version of Ion Science’s well proven Tiger PID model.

Like all Ion Science PID instruments, the TigerLT  incorporates the company’s market-leading PID technology with advanced patented fence electrode system. This three-electrode format ensures increased resistance to humidity and contamination for ultimate reliability and accuracy in the field.

With a detection range of 0.1 - 5,000 ppm utilising a standard two-point calibration protocol, it also offers an unrivalled industry response time of just two seconds and equally quick clear down.

Both simple to operate and service, the TigerLT  offers easy access to the lamp and sensor with batteries that can be safely replaced in hazardous environments. The intrinsically safe instrument also meets ATEX, IECEx, North American and Canadian standards.

Molly continues: “The TigerLT instrument is working well and enables us to provide a more comprehensive risk assessment of on-site contamination and the associated human health risk.
“In fact, the TigerLT PID instrument has already reduced costs for one of our clients by locating a VOC hotspot and proving blanks elsewhere on site meaning they did not have to install a VOC barrier on proposed plots. This client now only has to install VOC barriers on four out of 54 locations.”

The key advantage of TigerLT over other similar, low-cost handheld PID instruments is its market-leading accuracy and run time due to its anti-contamination and humidity-resistant design. Another attribute is its global Intrinsic Safety certification. Although the accreditation process can differ from country to country, the unit can be used in explosive hazardous areas such as within petrochemical plants that are located anywhere in the world.

The TigerLT six pin MiniPID detector cell with anti-contamination design dramatically extends run time in the field. Low cost filters and lamps can be easily changed in minutes, minimising downtime.

It features long life rechargeable Li-ion batteries which give up to 24 hours usage. Fast battery charging allows the instrument to be fully charged in 6.5 hours, while eight hours of use can be achieved from 1.5 hours of charging time.

TigerLT features a protective, removable boot for harsh environments while a large, clear back-lit display allows for easy viewing in any light condition. It is IP65 rated against water ingress. An integrated torch is designed for directing the instrument’s probe into dimly lit areas. Other features include a loud 95 dB audible alarm and multiple language support.

Ready to use, straight out of the box, it does not require complicated set-up procedures via a PC to perform basic functions.

“The TigerLT  is performing well and as expected from our previous experience. The service provided by Shawcity was good with fast delivery. Overall, we are very happy and would recommend the instrument to other environmental and geotechnical consultancies,” Molly concludes.

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