Wednesday 22 January 2020

Measurement in all colour scales.

The OMA-300 process analyzer from Applied Analytics is proven in providing continuous, real time measurements in all color scales, including Saybolt, APHA, ASTM D1500, etc. giving an accurate and reliable measurement using spectroscopy based technology.

The production of liquid fuels is a complex process with many variables that will affect the quality of the product. The color of a liquid stream is considered an indicator of product quality. Slight changes in color can be evidence of equipment failure, dips in process efficiency, overheating, distillation column malfunction and more. The Saybolt scale allows us to measure color with a numerical value, and we can correlate the color to the overall quality of the product.

The Saybolt color scale is used for grading light colored petroleum products including kerosene, naphthas, condensates, NGL in midstream, etc. The range of the Saybolt scale is -16 (dark yellow) to +30 (nearly transparent clear). There are several widely accepted color scales, Saybolt being one of them, with the purpose of observing the product quality.

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