Thursday 13 April 2017

Valves comply fully with forthcoming regulations for the marine industry.

Emerson has gained DNV-GL approval for its ASCO 551 and 553 series solenoid valves. This means that the valves comply with the soon-to-be-introduced (September 2017) worldwide regulations for ballast water treatment. From this date, all valves used for treating and managing ballast water aboard ships must comply with the new standard.

ASCO DNV-GL approved solenoid valves are available with aluminium and stainless steel valve bodies and with many solenoid options. This enables them to be used in safe areas and Ex zones. The 551 and 553 Series are certified for use in functional safety loops such as may be found on LNG vessels and tankers. This broad range of applications makes it easier to standardise on one solenoid valve, simplifying on-board maintenance. Emerson is the only supplier of their type to offer valves which are both DNV-GL and SIL approved.

DNV-GL approval combines two standards: DNV (Det Norske Veritas) and GL (Germanischer Lloyds). It is a global standard which means there is no need to purchase different solenoid valves depending on where the treatment plant or ship is being constructed. The introduction of the new standard is set to have a major impact on the ballast water industry. In total, around 70,000 boats worldwide will be affected by the new regulation, with 2000 more being built each year.

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