Friday 28 April 2017

Touchless technology angle sensor.

Novotechnik’s recently launched RFX-6900 series touchless technology angle sensor is ideal for precision rotary position feedback for mechanically-extreme applications in automotive, agricultural and construction equipment is now available from Variohm EuroSensor. Offering maximum durability, the ECE E1 approved Hall Effect device features a two-part mechanically decoupled design with the sensor electronics housed in a fully sealed aluminium housing and a separate magnetic position marker available in a range of styles.

The RFX6900 series has continuous rotation with six standard measuring ranges in 60 degree increments up to its 0 to 360 degree full range. Single and part- or full-redundant dual-channel versions are available with current output of 4…20 mA at 12-bit resolution. A wide choice of output characteristic options include rising cw & ccw, staggered, trapeze and parabolic as well as custom gradients. Independent linearity is 0.5% F.S. and supply voltage is 12…24 VDC with an optional 9…34 VDC which suits battery operation.

The sensor is suitable for use in safety-related applications according to ISO 13849 up to PLd and has E1 approval from the German Federal Motor Transport Authority. Installation for the sensor housing (69 mm diameter x 20 mm wide) is made easy with screw mounting from either face and an optional mounting plate provides further mounting orientation possibilities. Electrical connection flexibility is also offered with a choice of cable and M12 connectorised versions. The anodised aluminium housing includes salt-spray corrosion protection with protection class options of IP67 for connector versions and IP6K9K for cable connection. Magnetic marker alternatives include shaft mounted and threaded screw versions, and with a radial offset tolerance of up to +/- 3 mm between marker and sensor electronics straightforward installation is made easy.

The sensor’s mechanical specification includes excellent vibration and shock ratings that combine with an operational temperature range of -40…+85°C to ensure exceptional durability for applications on heavy-duty mobile machinery. The two-part design - with no contact between sensor and magnet - means completely wear free use with a virtually limitless operational life.

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