Monday 10 April 2017

The future of Automation and Control.

InstMC is supporting a major conference in June looking at the future of automation and process control. Organised by IChemE there will be lots of opportunities to share views and debate the implications of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)..

Whilst much attention and energy is being paid to the underpinning technologies, the more interesting and challenging question is how the process industries will change and what the role of automation will become. Many commentators talk about being on the verge of a fourth industrial revolution – a change as profound as electrification or computers. Automation will be at the heart of this change, and information and data will drive it, but it won’t be automation in the form that we know it today.

This conference, Advances in Process Automation and Control 2017 (pdf), will examine the technologies that underpin the IIoT, and will explore the implication of the fourth industrial revolution for the process industries that we serve.

Some of the discussion topics will include:

• predictions on how industry may change in the next thirty years as a result of IIoT
• how robots can improve safety for humans in hazardous activities
• how Big Data can be used to support machine learning and asset management
• the roles and merits of cloud based application platforms versus edge networks
• simulating commissioning and the management of plants using a ‘digital twin’
• the challenges and solutions for continuous tablet production in the pharmaceutical industry
• how IIoT will benefit the process industries
• current trends in the use of commercial off-the-shelf IIoT products vs proprietary technology

The event will encourage the cross fertilisation of ideas, expertise and technologies by bringing together the researchers from our strong academic base, practitioners with in-depth experience of the traditional process control sectors, and representatives from new domains of application and manufacturing sectors.

The need and opportunity to learn from others, develop and nurture our professional networks and embrace novel techniques, technologies and practices has never been more relevant.

The event is also being supported by ISA and  The IET.

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