Thursday 20 April 2017

Industrial innovation as a driver!

A new book  from ISA, encourages both manufacturers and automation suppliers to better capitalize on fast-emerging innovations in industrial technology, such as process automation systems, to drive transformative improvements in manufacturing.

“The emerging frontier for industrial innovation points at exciting ways to revolutionize the business of manufacturing—better managing operating risks and costs, reducing consumption of raw materials and energy, creating more recession-proof revenue streams, and improving safety and security,” says Augustine Tibazarwa, the author of Driving Business Value in Industrial Innovation: Disciplined Agility for Manufacturing Automation and a noted expert in R&D management and industrial technology development. “Whether it’s digitizing the physical state of a world-scale plant in real time, manipulating digital models of that plant and its manufacturing process to optimize economic value, and then changing the state of the plant for economic benefit, the potential of today’s process automation systems is profound.”

Realizing the potential, Tibazarwa emphasizes, and delivering on expected ROI requires a greater commitment among leaders in manufacturing and the automation profession to unlock new ways of driving business value and adopting proven frameworks from other industry sectors achieving transformative innovation.

His book, he says, “uniquely connects the business perspectives of manufacturers to those of automation suppliers, and the innovation perspectives of automation executives to those of automation technologists. After reading it, automation executives should be equipped to expect more from their technologists, while automation technologists should be emboldened to point out missed business opportunities and demand deeper executive commitment and sponsorship.”

Tibazarwa says the book also segue ways to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), identifying new business value opportunities for manufacturing automation.

“For manufacturers, there are business value opportunities in the extended supply chain. For automation professionals, the fundamental capabilities for successful industrial innovation are also foundational enablers for IIoT innovation,” he points out.

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