Monday 3 April 2017

Sensors with IO-Link communications are Industry 4.0 ready

Through its exclusive distribution partnership with measurement technology leaders Novotechnik, Variohm EuroSensor supplies and supports linear and rotary sensors that feature the standardised communications protocol IO-Link in Great Britain.
With real-time collection of machine data a fundamental part of Industry 4.0, the IEC 61131-9 communications standard provides fast and secure updates to and from the field level - not just for positional data but also for status and diagnostic information. Providing the means for improved machine availability, IO-Link works at the sensor/actuator level of the machine - independent from but completely compatible with all major fieldbus systems through gateways.

IO-Link is characterised by its simplicity in setup and installation. Standardised control software allows for unique product identification with fast replacement if required whilst commissioning is made easy by point-to-point connection with unshielded 3-wire cabling and M12 connectors. Users can monitor and modify positional parameters, such as zero, direction of rotation/travel or resolution. Status and diagnostics messages can be securely exchanged.

Novotechnik sensor products available with IO-Link include TF1 series inductive linear position sensors and RSC-2800 and RFC-4800 single- and multi-turn transducers.

The TF1 is an absolute linear sensor for highly dynamic positioning tasks that features a touchless inductive measurement principle for unlimited mechanical life. It has a maximum range of up to 1000 mm with resolution to 1 micron and repeatability to 2 microns. The IP67 protection class sensor also includes a teach mode for straightforward installation and is aimed at all areas of demanding automation technology. The highly robust RSC-2800 rotary sensor uses a contactless magnetic measurement principle for single turn resolution of up to 14 Bits. With single output and redundant versions it suits a wide range of angle sensing applications in automation, mobile machinery, medical equipment and more. The RFC-4800 angle sensor is a two-part touchless design with separate magnet and sensor for extremely long life. With no shaft or bearings and completely encapsulated electronics, the sensor is optimised for harsh environment angle measurement applications in marine, agricultural and construction machinery. Single and multi-channel versions are available and resolution is up to 14 Bits.

Novotechnik angle and linear position encoders are also available with other interface options including voltage, current, SSI, incremental, CANopen, SPI and more.

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