Thursday 27 April 2017

Everything you should know about Aircraft Structural Testing!

As airframe structures must be thoroughly tested to ensure top performance through its operational life, ‘Everything you should know about Aircraft Structural Testing’, a webinar from HBM, is suitable for structural engineers who are working on the development of modern aircraft.

Webinar scheduled for June 27th 2017 at 9am (GMT)

When it comes to aircraft design, extensive stress, quality and safety testing are all necessary to make sure the design will work, as even the tiniest defect can cost lives.

Split into four comprehensive categories, this webinar will start with looking at some of the reasons and common drivers behind aircraft structural testing and will move on to high-channel count testing. The webinar will then look at typical requirements of the testing engineers and a sketch of the workflow. Following this, it will conclude with a short introduction of CP52, the communications processor and participants will be shown a live demonstration with Catman Enterprise software suite, MGCplus data acquisition system and a wing model.

The MGCPlus from HBM supports a wide spectrum of sensors, transducers, fieldbus connections and standard PC interfaces, making it a suitable choice for aircraft structural testing. In addition, its modular design ensures that it can be easily expanded or modified should requirements change.

Structural tests, even on a prototype design, can often require the monitoring of many thousands of measuring points and this is where reliable, secure and flexible software is important.

Catman software, which can be used for configuring, visualizing and analyzing measurement, is specifically developed for high-channel count measurements using the MGCPlus DAQ. Secure, flexible and reliable, Catman software is suitable for projects ranging from as few as 30 measuring points to large scale tests demanding up to 20,000.

Each webinar, which normally takes a maximum of one hour, can be easily accessed at a later date or simply used as a refresher course. As an added benefit, all registered participants will receive a link to the webinar, via email, after the presentation. All HBM webinars are free of charge. However, spaces are limited and are available on a first come, first served basis.

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