Monday 10 April 2017

Vision conference programme released.

The full Conference programme for the UKIVA Machine Vision Conference and Exhibition has now been published. The event, which takes place at Milton Keynes (GB) on 27th April 2017, will provide many examples of how machine vision is used in, and benefits, the real world we live in. This is emphasized by the two keynote addresses which start the morning and afternoon sessions.

Dr. Mike Aldred from Dyson Ltd will deliver the first keynote at 10 AM. Entitled: ‘Bringing vision to the consumer’, this will show how the Dyson 360 Eye™ robot vacuum cleaner, which utilises images from a 360° Field Of View camera to locate itself within its environment, was brought to market.

The second keynote address, by Dr. Graham Deacon from Ocado Technology, will take place at 2 PM. This presentation, entitled: ‘3D vision guided robot picking’ will examine the use of 3D point cloud cameras in order to help robot manipulators to pick and pack groceries for shopping orders.

The main Conference program features 56 seminars across 7 different presentation theatres. For newcomers to vision, one theatre is devoted to ‘Understanding Vision Technology’. This provides some useful insights into some of the basics of machine vision, including sensors and optics and illumination, as well as offering information on thermal imaging and its uses, and the application of vision to code reading.

Practical applications of machine vision feature in several of the theatres. For example, applications of 3D vision in robotics and in the food and agriculture industries feature in the ‘3D Vision’ theatre. Further presentations on applications in the food industry can be found in the ‘Systems & Applications’ theatre, as well as coding in direct part marking applications, and a discussion of the role of vision in sustainability by reducing waste. In the ‘Vision Innovation’ theatre there is a case study examining the use of inspection and traceability system in the pharmaceutical industry.

These theatres, of course, also feature a number of presentations which cover the relevant technology. For those interested in concentrating on specific aspects of machine vision, there is plenty on offer in the ‘Camera Technology’, ‘Optics & Illumination’ and ‘Software & Embedded Vision’ theatres. These include the use of different wavelengths to solve vision problems; advances in super high resolution imaging; choosing the best optics for an application; LED lighting for machine vision; image processing for the factory floor; custom embedded systems development and much, much more.

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