Thursday 15 September 2016

Gas detector provides natural gas discrimination. @TycoGFD #PAuto

Tyco Gas & Flame Detection has launched its new portable gas detection device. The Gasurveyor 700 (GS700) is a high-performance IR detector with a user-friendly interface that is suitable for all gas utility applications.

Through its natural gas discrimination application, the GS700 quickly determines if the source of gas leaks is from a utility pipeline, saving valuable time and reducing excavation costs. The GS700 also ensures compliance through intelligent data-logging and GPS mapping, simplifying data collection and allowing managers to make better decisions from tracking data reports. The portable functionality of the GS700, at only 1.4kg (3lbs), combined with its notable durability, enables workers to manoeuvre the device in demanding environments and harsh conditions.

The GS700 promises flexible configuration as it can be customised to meet specific application and user requirements and can cater to multiple detection needs, without alienating performance. Application modes include: Gas Leak Outdoors, Gas Leak Indoors, Purge, Search, Barhole and Confined Space. Each application mode provides fast and accurate measurements and allows gas leaks to be located quickly, ensuring gas utilities are best equipped to protect life and safeguard property.

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