Tuesday 13 September 2016

Power analysis.

Yokogawa Europe has launched of the WT1800E power analyser. This new instrument introduces new standards of accuracy and flexibility in power measurement across a broad range of applications.
Today’s energy conscious world is driving engineers towards an ever-increasing focus on energy conservation, energy efficiency and renewable energy. Engineers seeking to improve their product through better energy management therefore need more accurate power measurement.

Key features of the WT1800E include:
• Guaranteed power accuracy of 0.05% of reading plus 0.05% of range
• Capable of harmonics analysis up to the 500th order of a 50/60 Hz fundamental frequency
• Accuracy can be further improved with calibration at Yokogawa's ISO 17025 accredited lab.
• High levels of stability mean that measurements are consistent when repeated over the lifetime of the instrument.
• Up to 6 input channels
• Wide range of display and analysis features
• PC connectivity.
Terry Marrinan, VP of sales and marketing at Yokogawa Europe BV, said; “As engineers seek efficiencies from ever more sophisticated products and systems they find that they can only get them if they can make more measurements with greater accuracy. When developing new products they are increasingly having to ask themselves ‘How accurate are my power measurements?’”
With Yokogawa, the answer is clear. “We guarantee the power accuracies of our analysers over their full ranges and specify the effects of all the other factors such as power factor, crest factor, phase angle error, temperature range, warm-up time, stability period and common mode rejection.”

The WT1800E was developed to be flexible enough to provide engineers with accurate and reliable power measurements for applications as demanding as the manufacture of energy efficient devices and appliances, Plug-in hybrid/electric vehicles, lighting, aircraft and for renewable energy technologies. It is the perfect device for comparisons of the input and output of for example; motors, inverters, actuators, energy recovery systems and generators.

As demands for power analysis increase in complexity, engineers need increased flexibility from their instruments. The WT1800E has been developed with six channels which means it can easily accommodate three-phase systems and other applications requiring multiple input channels.
Likewise, modern energy saving circuits employ high frequency switching techniques which challenge the accuracy of power analysers. The WT1800E has been designed to retain its outstanding accuracy at and beyond these frequencies.

Whether analysing multiphase inputs during motor and drive design or meeting the stringent efficiency standards of photovoltaic inverters, the WT1800E provides the versatility needed to help engineers bring their product concepts successfully to market.

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