Thursday 8 September 2016

Pressure transmitters introduced!

Viatran has introduced its Model 24A/34A Series to the global marketplace.

The Viatran Model 24A/34A Series is a family of general purpose industrial pressure transmitters, designed for optimal application versatility and reliability. Their rugged construction features all stainless steel housings and wetted parts for high resistance to humidity and corrosion. Customers can choose from among 34 unique standard ranges, with available selections between 3 and 5000 PSI (0.2 and 345 bar), along with choices of gage, sealed gage, absolute and vacuum pressure types. Units are also compact and lightweight (10 oz /283 g), facilitating their ease of installation within space constrained environments.

Model 24A Series pressure transmitters feature a 0-5 Vdc output signal, while the Model 34A series features a 4-20 mA output signal. A nonlinearity specification of ≤±0.25% is standard, with optional improvement to ±0.15% or ±0.10% (BFSL). Choices of electrical connectors include a weather-resistant industry standard DIN 43650 connector, a 6-pin Bendix connector, a direct coupled cable, and others. Isolated shunt calibration, extended temperature performance and zero adjustment are also optional.

In addition, Viatran offers a number of accessories for the Model 24A/34A Series, including a direct mount digital indicator and power supply; mating electrical assembly; and ruggedized connectors and cables. Special configurations, ranges, outputs, formats and connectors are available upon request. Please consult the factory for details.

Typical applications for the Model 24A/34A Series include engine test stands, turbine rockets, diesel engine internal combustion, emissions testing, production test stands, compressors, pumps, stamping presses, rolling mills, die casting, hydraulics, and off-road vehicles.

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