Monday 26 September 2016

Development of new gas detection technologies.

Edinburgh Sensors, has a worldwide reputation for high performance gas sensing solutions which is built on 40 years of experience. A dedicated R&D team focuses on the development of new technologies, pushing the boundaries for gas detection.

Changes in global consumer patterns create new requirements for gas detection and the path to new gas detection solutions can be challenging. We work closely with our customers to find solutions for their current needs. The new 0-100% CO2 Gascard NG+ has been developed in co-operation with one of our customers who required an alternative performance specification to the standard Gascard NG, specifically reduced response time and noise. By compromising with the long term stability and drift we were able to modify the optical system used in our 100% CO2 product.

We are always working on new sensors and gas ranges; if you can’t see your particular specification listed among our standard products our technical team would be delighted to hear from you to discuss your target gas and concentration requirements.

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