Wednesday 21 September 2016

Secure data access across DMZs.

In today’s industrial automation world, it is standard practice for IT departments to lock down traffic between different networks. The most common method of selectively exchanging data between such secured networks is by using Demilitarized Zones (DMZs).

Key Benefits include:
• Works across multi-layered networks
• Eliminates traditional DCOM & firewall issues associated with DMZs
• Configurable data encryption
While DMZs offer a controlled method of exchanging data in the corporate world, they typically interfere with the exchange of control automation data between the operations and business networks. The Matrikon OPC DMZ Agent solves this challenge.

Matrikon OPC DMZ Agent facilitates the transfer of real-time and archived automation data through DMZs in a secure and controlled manner. Depending on the IT policies being enforced, DMZ Agent can either enable authorized enterprise applications to securely request the automation data needed or if this is not possible - to simply accept OPC data as it is sent (pushed) from the secured operations network.

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