Tuesday 6 September 2016

Clamp Multimeter.

The Beha-Amprobe ACD-14-PRO-EUR Dual Display 600 A TRMS Clamp Multimeter has been introduced. It has a large backlit LCD dual display that simultaneously displays voltage and amperage measurements to speed troubleshooting, including voltage drop tests.

The ACD-14-PRO-EUR offers a complete range of measuring functions for electrical and HVAC applications.

Voltage drop testing is required by International Electrotechnical standards (IEC 60364-6, IEC 60364-5-52). It defines the maximum percentage of the voltage drop between maximum voltage at zero current and minimum voltage at maximum current, ensuring electrical equipment and motors are working within specified voltage to avoid potential damage or malfunction of electrical appliances. The dual display on the ACD-14-PRO-EUR allows technician to easily monitor both variables at the same time.

The ACD-14-PRO-EUR features True-RMS for accurate voltage measurements in noisy electrical environments, low pass filter for current and voltage measurements on variable frequency drives, and in-rush current measurements to verify maximum current surge during motor start-ups. Its amp-tip function enables precise measurement of low current down to 0.1 A on small diameter wires for reliable, accurate measurements.

For HVAC technicians, the ACD-14-PRO-EUR measures temperature with the included thermocouple, capacitance for start-up and run capacitors, and dc micro amps for flame sensor testing.

“The Beha-Amprobe ACD-14-PRO-EUR is packed full of features so electrical and HVAC technicians can do more with a single tool,” said Beha-Amprobe Business Unit Manager, Jarek Bras. “By measuring and displaying voltage and amps concurrently, the ACD-14-PRO-EUR quickly tests compliance to the voltage drop test to avoid malfunction of electrical appliances.”

The Beha-Amprobe ACD-14-PRO-EUR is safety rated with measurement category CAT III 600 V and comes complete with test leads, banana plug K-type thermocouple, two AAA batteries, manual, and carrying case.

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